Olive Tree - the lone islands

Toru Okada - long questions

i’m going to start posting one record a week.

here’s the first- one of my all time favorite splits/releases in general: the untitled toru okada/olive tree split. released in 2006 (no label). i eat this overly dramatic emotional shit all up. i also love how the toru okada/olive tree is hand written on that orange construction paper, le sigh.

i guess i’ll actually post the music after this post too… wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a way to post pictures and music together in one post?

Manrae - mr. leuchter

Car Vs Driver - the defeatist

Amber Inn - salvage missions

September - cyrus the white rabbit

Ten Boy Summer

—The Reasons I Don't Talk A Lot

Ten Boy Summer - the reasons i don’t talk a lot

Render Useless - becoming anti-human



Milkwede - innocuous

Cairo Capone - lost the spark

white hair is white

white hair is white

Life At These Speeds - small sparks

floral / pastel / new apartment