Stupid Acting Smart

—We Claim These Stars

Stupid Acting Smart - we claim these stars

Symptom of Isaac - seek me out

125, Rue Montmartre - disco hijack

Sinker - perseverance

Sinker - thoughts on beauty

Sinker - S/T 7”

Released in 1993 on Sunney Sindicut Records, this was the first of two seven inches the band put out (the second being Finality, 1995). They also had released a demo cassette in ‘92 and had a song on a seven inch compilation, which was also released in ‘93. Sinker was only active from January to July of ‘93, although Finality was released in ‘95- i’m not sure if it was recorded while the band was active and lay dormant for two years, or if the band got back together to record those songs in ‘95. Members went on to form Indian Summer and Amber Inn.

Some seriously solid emotive hardcore, definitely what you’d expect a pre-Indian Summer band to be. Also i feel like its worth mentioning that Adam from Sinker was also in Indian Summer and then continued on to Silver Horseshoes like wow adam whoever you are ilysm.

Native Nod - runner

Native Nod - lower g.i. bleed

Native Nod - New Compositions and Arrangements for the Zither 7”

Released in 1995 on Gern Blandsten, and independent label out of New Jersey. It was their last release after their self titled (‘92) and Bread (‘93). They also have one song on their discography (Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World) that did not appear on the three seven inches.

Native Nod is quite possibly my favorite band, ever. I know thats a bold statement, but they’ve been in my top five favorite bands since i was a teenager and i love them more and more as time passes. i have all three of their seven inches, and the multiple times i’ve considered selling my (small but growing) record collection, looking at those records has stopped me.

its just so fucking good. everything about it is intelligent and insightful and poetic and just so beautiful, theyre so purrrrfect eeee =^.^=

Milkwede - more than me



Milkwede - decay

Milkwede - S/T 7”

Was super super excited to find this! Self-released this in 1995. They had another song on a 7” comp that was put out after they broke up and apparently some home recordings (cassette) but that was it. waaawww such a good band! i always find myself putting their 5 released songs on repeat a couple times because i love it so much but a single time through is just not enough.

Driftwood S/T 7”

1.Dayoff  2.Cold  3.Thick  4.Flicker

Driftwood’s S/T 7”

Released in 1993 on Monopoly Records, these four songs are the only recordings Driftwood has besides a song on the “In Memory of Jason” comp that Monopoly also put out. Driftwood shared members with Shroomunion, Still Life, and the Ribbon Fix.

It’s p good i like it (thats my review).


—New Not Fast

Lovesick - new not fast